Here are some reading suggestions for the tutorial on plural reference:

I. Background readings

Ø. Linnebo, “Plural Quantification,” Stanford Encyclopedia of

II. Primary readings

Boolos G. (1984), “To be is to be a value of a variable (or to be some values of some variables),” Journal of Philosophy 81, 430-450.

Boolos, G.: 1985, “Nominalist platonism,” Philosophical Review 94, 327-344.

Oliver, A. and Smiley, T. (2001), “Strategies for a logic of plurals,” Philosophical Quarterly 51, 289-306.

Rayo A. (2002), “Words and objects,” Noûs 36, 436-464.

III. Supplementary readings

Linnebo, Ø. and Nicolas D. (2008), “Superplurals in English,” Analysis 68, 186-197.

McKay T. (2006), Plural Predication, Oxford University Press.

Yi, B.-U. (1999), “Is two a property?,” Journal of Philosophy 96, 163-190.

Yi B.-U. (2005), “The logic and meaning of plurals, Part I,” Journal of Philosophical Logic 34, 459-506.

Yi, B.-U. (2006), “The logic and meaning of plurals. Part II,” Journal of Philosophical Logic 35, 239-288.

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